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Get your perfect smile in Piraeus, Greece – Just 4 easy steps

Nothing is easier than to have your treatment at our clinic in 4 easy steps.

1. Contact us

At the first step of your dental tourism, contact us on any of the following methods:

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Our English speaking staff is ready to answer all your questions regarding dental treatment in Greece at Klironomou Dental Clinic.

2. Consultation in Piraeus

Check our FREE consultation package to avoid additional cost of flight and dental consultation!

    • FREE Airport Transfers*
    • FREE one-night stay in our partner hotel just in a walking distance from the clinic*
    • Flight Ticket reimbursed*
    • FREE Consultation for 15 minutes meet up with Dr.Klironomou**

    * Conditions for reimbursements

    If your treatment value is more than € 5100/£ 4300 then your flight ticket, accommodation and airport transfers cost will be deducted up to a maximum value of € 320/ £ 250 (pro-rate basis) from the last installment of your treatment and costs.

    ** Detailed consultation and treatment plans will be charged 50€ to 70€, depending the time spend, and after mutual agreement, this cost will be deducted from the total treatment plan during the last payment installment (if any).

Read more about our free dental consultation package

During the consultation, our dentist or oral surgeon consults with you on basis of the panoramic X-ray and oral check, discuss all dental needs, answers all questions and then provides a detailed, comprehensive treatment plan and quote. The treatment plan will cover all of treatments recommended by your dentist, with the total cost itemized by procedure and priced separately.

3. Treatment in Piraeus

Klironomou Dental Clinic have searched and collect the best places and local Hotels. Check them below.

Click here to see our partner hotels

Dental treatment usually requires you to make phased visits lasting between 3 to 12 days in Piraeus. All the treatments will take place at our dental clinic, which is in the heart of Piraeus or in our Implantology Center in Athens.
The latest dental equipment, the selected materials and ,our experienced, well-trained dentists guarantee the high standard of our treatments.

Between your visits to the clinic whilst in Piraeus, you will have plenty of time to explore the city at your leisure and enjoy all that it has to offer.

4. Smile!

After having dental treatment with us, you do not have to do anything else, but be proud of your perfect smile!

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