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Free dental consultation package abroad

Come and see our modern clinic in the heart of Piraeus!

We offer FREE Consultation and flight package

  • FREE Airport Transfers*
  • FREE one-night stay in our partner hotel just in a walking distance from the clinic*
  • Flight Ticket reimbursed*
  • FREE Consultation for 15 minutes meet up with Dr.Klironomou**

* Conditions for reimbursements

If your treatment value is more than € 8100/£ 6800 then your flight ticket, accommodation and airport transfers cost will be deducted up to a maximum value of € 320/ £ 250 (pro-rate basis) from the last installment of your treatment and costs.

** Detailed consultation and treatment plans will be charged 50€ to 70€, depending the time spend, and after mutual agreement, this cost will be deducted from the total treatment plan during the last payment installment (if any).

Uncertain about what to expect at Klironomou Dental Clinic?

Hundreds of satisfied patients are treated at Klironomou Dental Clinic each month. Read our patient reviews regarding their experience at our clinic.

What can you expect at a local consultation?

  • an X-ray is taken in a medical center,
  • a dentist looks into your mouth and at an X-ray
  • an initial ‘treatment plan’ is provided to you
  • you pay for the consultation and the X-ray
  • when you travel abroad for treatment an estimated 60-70% of treatment plans will change significantly and in many cases, patients will pay a 20-30% higher price than estimated in the original treatment plan. please understand that these limitations do exist.

What happens at a consultation at Klironomou Dental Clinic?

  • You deliver a Panoramic X-ray. Please note that we do NOT have an in-house unit for Panoramix X-Rays, feel free to ask us for our preferred medical center, close to our Dental Clinic.
  • Dr.Klironomou examines you, NOT her assistant or ”Partner”
  • a comprehensive and precise treatment plan is provided
  • the consultation is paid unless you decide to continue with the treatment

Nothing is easier than having your consultation and treatment at our clinic in Just 4 Easy Steps.

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