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Klironomou Dental clinic is a private clinic in Piraeus port. Piraeus is the biggest port of Greece and connects Athens airport with most Greek islands via ferries.

Our goal is to provide dental treatments to locals and tourists that visit our clinic.

Our core services are:

  • Dental implants
  • Full mouth restorations
  • Dental crowns
  • Zirconia Crowns
  • Teeth whitening and more.


  • Posts must be original/unique, not duplicated or spin content.  That means your post has not been published or submitted elsewhere online, including your personal blog, and will not be distributed on other websites for the next 2 days after we publish it. Content will be check with copyscape and other tools for uniqueness.
  • Provide scientific sources for your health claims. If you mention that certain foods, exercises or habits are (un)healthy, share with us how you know, by putting links from trustworthy sources in brackets: [e.g.: httx://wiki/Category/Article]
  • Feel free to link to relevant websites and blog posts (your own NOT included), but only when it’s helpful and of added value to the readers. Please reserve self-promotion of your business or service to your bio (as opposed to directly in the post).
  • Do not hyperlink, but put relevant links in brackets; e.g. [e.g.: httx://]
  • Visit the Clinic: We can arrange a visit to our clinic for you if you are available, just ask for it!

Article Specs:

  • Article Length: We believe, for good and well informative article, article length should be minimum 800+ words. So we are not accepting article less than 800+ word anymore. Please make sure your article has a minimum word count of 800+ word.
  • Article Topic: Article Topic should be dental related or dental and travel combined (So yes travel bloggers you can also submit your articles) and have useful content or informative one. Out of topic articles will be rejected immediately.
  • Don’t send us content that could be like a service page, Example: Article regarding implants should NOT have content like, “What is a dental implant”, “How dental implants work”,etc. Why? because we already have such content on our service pages, on our Guest Posts we are looking for ADDED value, useful and evergreen content. We don’t want to repeat the same content using different words.
  • Author Bio And Link: – Because of recent Penguin Update, we are allowing one dofollow link branding in the author bio. You are allowed to put your website link at the end of the article along with author bio. Generally, We do not allow keyword links, unless the link helps the user. No irrelevant Links, Ever!
  • Tone: Compelling, and positive; If you would like examples just refer to previously published posts.
  • Write For Reader: Write in a manner that expresses your own personality and voice. That way people can better connect with the writer.
  • Make Reader Friendly: Decorate your post by giving headings, subheadings and give bold fonts for key sentences. Use bullets points where ever necessary.
  • Credit:  Please give credit to individual work wherever necessary. This goes for an image as well.
  • Screenshot + Video: You can use image or video to your article, as you might know, images speak a lot.
  • No Affiliate link: We do not allow affiliate link anywhere inside article as this may harm our website reputation.
  • Comments: We do not accept comments to any of our posts.
  • Payment for guest posts: we will not pay you for a guest post either we ask for a fee, Ever!

We do not publish press releases, sales pitches or poorly written guest posts. We receive many inquiries, but keep in mind that we publish only 10%, so you need to provide value.


Please send your full post in plain text (not HTML) in Microsoft Word or a comparable program to hoomeowner[at]gmail[dot]com, with the following title in the subject line ‘Guest posting for klironomou dental’.

Include relevant images to your post as separate documents, not pasted within the document. Only send photos or images that you own. Photos in landscape format work best on our website.

Add a bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, products and social media pages in brackets: []. Please also send a profile picture of yourself to go with your bio.

We will try to respond to your submission within two weeks.

You may be asked to revise to make your posts stronger or more suitable for our readers. Your post may be edited for grammar and clarity. If any major changes are made, you will be asked to review and approve it first. 

Thank you for your time, effort and contribution!
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