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Premium quality teeth whitening abroad

Teeth Whitening in Greece

Few people are blessed with perfectly white, shining smiles and over time teeth darken because of wear, stains, and other factors. Fortunately, dentist administered teeth whitening can come to the rescue. You can regain the unique confidence that comes from a bright white smile by scheduling teeth bleaching during your next vacation to Greece. Plan your trip and your treatment today.

Benefits of Seeking Dental Treatment Abroad

With the cost of restorative and cosmetic dental treatment on the rise in the U.S., U.K., and Australia there are many patients looking for dental care abroad. When it comes to a full smile makeover you could save thousands of dollars. Some of the most popular procedures for dental tourism include veneers in Greece, ceramic and zirconia crowns in Greece, and dental implants in Greece. And while teeth whitening abroad isn’t at the top of the list, if you are already planning a trip to Greece for business or a wedding, why not take advantage of teeth whitening at a more affordable price?


Many patients worry that dental work done in foreign countries might not be to the same standard as dental care at home. In the past, this might have been true. But today more trained practitioners are getting the same education as clinicians in the U.S. and U.K.

Dr. Klironomou Ioanna received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Athens. She only uses the latest technologies alongside quality and branded materials to guarantee the best possible results for every treatment—including teeth whitening in Greece. Check Dr.Klironomou Ionna’s CV here.

Is Teeth Whitening in Greece Right for Me?

It might seem contrary, but getting dental treatments while on vacation has several benefits in addition to saving money. For example, if visiting the dentist usually makes you anxious, seeking treatment on a tranquil retreat will help mitigate some of that stress. In our office, you receive a refreshing and relaxing dental experience. We can improve the beauty of your smile with the latest, most comfortable technologies and pain-free treatments. You can also expect reassuring integrity and warmth from each member of our staff. We respect your time and can work to accommodate tight schedules so you can focus on your vacation.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening in Greece Cost, what’s the price?

Consultations are free and professional teeth whitening in office costs 250€ or 350€ when the treatment is performed with EzLaser from Biolase, while the take home teeth bleaching kit costs 200€.

What Causes Dental Stains?

There are several factors to consider when determining the type and cause of tooth stains. The most common include:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Eating habits
  • Smoking habits
  • Grinding habits
  • Dental trauma
  • Exposure to fluoride
  • Thickness of the enamel
  • Antibiotics, medications, or other chemicals

There are two main types of dental stains. Extrinsic stains occur on the outer layer of the tooth surface (enamel), usually caused by food, age, and wear. Intrinsic stains come from within when the dentin gets a yellow tint or darkens beneath the enamel. These often come from genetics, dental trauma, smoking, or certain medications. While some stains are easy to treat with teeth whitening, other discoloration will not respond to bleaching gel. In these more severe cases, you would need veneers or ceramic crowns to correct dental stains. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

To determine your candidacy the dentist will need to know the type and extent of your dental stains. Treatment can also depend on the condition of your enamel and gums, and any sensitivity issues you might have. Also, keep in mind, teeth whitening and teeth bleaching will not work on dental restorations like bonding, veneers, porcelain crowns, zirconia crowns, or dental implants. After teeth whitening you will need new restorations fabricated to match the lighter shade of your natural teeth.

What are my Options for Teeth Whitening Abroad?

Our dental office in Greece gives you two options for teeth whitening. They are:

  1. In-Office Teeth Whitening With Ezlase

While most dental offices do use light in their teeth whitening procedures, not all of them use laser light. Special particles in the whitening gel absorb the laser energy, accelerating the whitening process and dramatically reducing treatment times. The same laser also works for everyday hygiene and soft-tissue procedures like gingivecotmies and sulcular debridement. For teeth whitening, the dentist will perform a thorough examination. This helps identify the types of tooth stains, check for any restorations that will not respond to whitening, and determine the best treatment option. Then Dr. Klironomou Ioanna removes superficial plaque and stains and measures the whiteness of your teeth for documentation.

The next step is to prep the patient by inserting cheek retractors and applying a liquid dam to protect the gums. The dentist mixes and applies the teeth bleaching gel in a thin, even layer on the surface of your teeth. With a special handpiece, the dentist activates the laser for 30 second intervals working on a quadrant of four or five teeth at a time. She repeats the laser lighting process and leaves the laser-activated gel on the teeth for a few minutes. The dentist removes the gel, applies a second coat, and repeats the process until you receive the desired results. To finish up he removes the gel and thoroughly rinses your teeth with water and suction before removing the liquid dam and rehydrating the tissue with moist gauze. If desired, you can also get a final polish for a beautiful luster. You get immediate results with just one visit.

  1. Take Home Kit for Teeth Whitening

This dentist dispensed, tray-based teeth whitening works much like any other bleaching system. Fortunately, because it is from the dentist, you do not have to worry about the safety or quality of the whitener. And you know the concentration was chosen with your specific needs in mind. But remember, you do not have direct supervision or assistance with this option. You need to follow instructions and be motivated enough to see the treatment process through on your own.

For this option, the dentist examines teeth to verify the type of tooth stains and predict how they will likely respond to teeth bleaching. She also removes superficial plaque and dental stains before documenting the pre-treatment shade of your teeth. The fabricators create custom bleaching trays based on impressions. These fit the unique contours of your upper and lower teeth. The trays are flexible to ensure a comfortable fit and trimmed to fit just below the gum line. You receive specific instructions and the clinician sends you off with your customized teeth whitening kit.

To perform a teeth bleaching session you fill the trays with teeth whitening gel and slip them on your teeth for the amount of time designated by the dentist. You do not want to swallow the gel. When time is up you remove the trays and brush away the remaining gel, making sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth. The number of treatment sessions will depend on your dental stains and the desired results. At the conclusion of your at-home treatment, you return to the dentist for an evaluation to make sure whitening worked as expected.

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Sensitivity is a leading concern for most patients who want in office teeth whitening. Fortunately, the laser-activated efficiency cuts gel-to-tooth contact almost in half. Less contact time also means less sensitivity for our patients. And while the dentist shines the laser, patients might experience a warm sensation. But the application is not discomforting or painful. The 30-second intervals are much shorter than other light-based teeth bleaching systems where the light must shine on the gel for several minutes at a time.

Will the Results of Teeth Whitening Look Natural?

Many patients don’t consider it, but over bleaching is a concern. You do not want your teeth to be too white or they might appear fake. For the most natural results, the dentist aims to find a shade just lighter than the whites of your eyes. Before treatment, the dentist will use a shading guide to help you visualize results and deliver the most healthy and desirable outcomes possible.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening in Take?

In Piraeus, the in-office teeth whitening treatment requires just one, 60 to 120-minute appointment. The take home teeth whitening kit requires two shorter appointments with at least a one-day interval in between. Depending on your needs, and vacation plans in Greece, either option could work for your teeth whitening.

Will I be happy with the results?

Yes, you should be satisfied with the results. The teeth whitening should whiten the teeth for couple of shades, but you should know that in some spots it might not work (if the coloring substances are deeply penetrated in the hydroxyapatite crystals). The whitening does not work on composite fillings, so you will need to change them to the shade you will have after getting whitened. 

Are the results 100% guaranteed? Might any chances whitening not work?

The results are not 100 % guaranteed. It depends on the factors I said previously, as well as the aftercare. If the patient continues to consume dark drinks, coloring substances slowly will penetrate into the enamel, and with every other bleaching, the teeth will become more and more sensitive.

How do I care for my teeth after whitening?

The care does not require any special demands. Everyday brushing properly, maybe adding toothpaste about lowering hypersensitivity, avoiding consuming substances that cause coloring of the teeth.

Also the gums can become more sensitive too, so they will need proper care as well.

How long will the results last?

The teeth bleaching is not permanent. Its lasting varies from a couple of months to maximum three years. It all depends on the aftercare the patient makes.

Choose Klironomou Dental for Teeth Whitening in Europe

If you are not happy with the brightness of your smile and are already planning to travel, think about stopping for teeth whitening in Greece and choose Dr.Klironomou Ioanna as your preferred dentist in Greece. Our location at at Iroon Politechniou 69, 18536, Piraeus Attica/Athens is in the heart of Piraeus. You have quick and convenient access to local sites as well as almost every island of the Aegean. To learn more about our teeth whitening treatment or to schedule, a free consultation contact us at +30 210 4522 863 or book it via our online platform by hitting the button in the header.

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