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Our dental clinic’s address: Karaiskou 138, Pireas 185 36, Attica/Athens – Greece

Dental clinic phone: +302104522863


Our English speaking professional customer care staff is ready to answer all your questions regarding your consultation and dental treatment at Klironomou Dental Clinic. For best communications we prefer to contacts us via email, this way everything will be written and clear in your inbox. For Dental Emergencies feel free to call us, or ask your travel agent in Greece to do so and book you an appointment.

Opening hours








10:00 – 20:00

10:00 – 20:00

10:00 – 20:00

10:00 – 20:00

10:00 – 20:00

closed (upon request)


Please note that our clinic will be closed from August 1st until the end of this month.

Public holidays 2019

Date Weekday Holiday Name Holiday Type
1 Ιαν Τρίτη New Year’s Day Public holiday
6 Ιαν Κυριακή Epiphany Public holiday
30 Ιαν Τετάρτη The Three Holy Hierarchs Observance
11 Μαρ Δευτέρα Clean Monday Public holiday
20 Μαρ Τετάρτη March Equinox Season
25 Μαρ Δευτέρα 25th of March (national holiday) Public holiday
25 Μαρ Δευτέρα Annunciation of the Lord Public holiday
26 Απρ Παρασκευή Good Friday Public holiday
28 Απρ Κυριακή Easter Sunday Public holiday
29 Απρ Δευτέρα Easter Monday Public holiday
1 Μαί Τετάρτη Labor Day / May Day Public holiday
17 Ιου Δευτέρα Holy Spirit Monday Public holiday
21 Ιου Παρασκευή June Solstice Season
24 Ιου Τετάρτη The Restoration of Democracy Observance
15 Αυγ Πέμπτη Dormition of the Holy Virgin Public holiday
23 Σεπ Δευτέρα September Equinox Season
28 Οκτ Δευτέρα The Ochi day Public holiday
17 Νοε Κυριακή Polytechneio Observance
21 Νοε Πέμπτη Armed Forces Day Observance
22 Δεκ Κυριακή December Solstice Season
25 Δεκ Τετάρτη Christmas Day Public holiday
26 Δεκ Πέμπτη Synaxis of the Mother of God Public holiday

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