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A patient Experience from Dental Tourism Services in Greece

Greece, undoubtedly, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world! Millions of tourists visit the country every year and a growing number of them benefits from the Value for money dental procedures! Apart from beautiful beaches, excellent customer service, you will also find excellent specialists in the area of dentistry at affordable prices, not super Low as Turkey or India, but we are looking to quality too.

Today, like never before, people cross the borders, in order to benefit from the low cost of dental services. Since foundation, the Klironomou Dental clinic combines Greek hospitality and the new methods of dental care within. Dr.Klironomou is able to make any kind of dental care painless and comfortable. They save your time and let you know about the overall time plan.

Elegant interior, a cup of aroma Greek coffee and a friendly staff will make you feel calm and easy. The health of your teeth and no stress at the dentists is the main goal of Klironomou Dental clinic. They will do what it takes to make you and your company smile and happy. Crossing the threshold of the clinic, you may and you will forget about the fear of doctors in general and dentists in particular due to the light and cozy atmosphere.

What are the benefits of Dental vacation in Greece?

  • The high quality of dental services and care
  • No stress during treatment, time on treatment is appointed with an account of your timetable
  • Value for money
  • Perfect place for having a vacation, by the sea and not far from mountains and historic places
  • Zero reaction time onto your needs, you will not have to wait to begin your treatment, but keep in mind that the clinic works only with scheduled appointments.

Klironomou dental clinic provides with dental services of high quality in a beautiful town on the sea Piraeus. Tourists get their teeth done during a vacation and saves up to 50% comparing to the average cost in the countries they come from.  The clinic offers services of the highest class, using high-quality materials, imported from the USA and Germany, unlike some clinics in other countries, which use materials from the Far East countries, which are second in quality.  The clinic provides with a total spectrum of cosmetic dental treatment, including dental implants, dental crowns, Veneers and teeth whitening, all at reasonable prices. Dental implants, Teeth whitening and crowns are the most popular services.

Hydra – Island close to Piraeus, only 2 Hours with a Ferry.

Travel expenses?

Flight from the USA and Canada to Greece costs very few. For example, if your flight is from Washington, ticket price on a plane is going to cost you about $1.000 USD, which is not significant comparing to that money, you are going to save.

And a two-weeks’ vacation if you go from North Europe countries  (Great Britain, Germany, Benelux), may cost only €350 or £220, less than a half of dental crown cost!

Hotel cost and transport expenses in Greece?

Hotel accommodation in Greece costs around $80 USD per day. A bus, trolleybus and subway ticket costs about $1 per trip or $14 for a week travel card.

Dentist vacation in Piraeus is exciting and profitable

While staying close to Klironomou dental clinic in Piraeus, you are going to still enjoy your vacation in a wonderful place. Majority of dentist procedures fit in two or three weeklong vacations perfectly. You are going to have enough time to enjoy the beach or walk along a picturesque countryside, to enjoy ouzo and house wines in snug bars or visit fancy restaurants by the sea, or simply have an aperitif on a sun-drenched terrace. Your vacation is going to be interrupted with four or five dentist appointments, which is less than 5% of your vacation. On the other hand, you are to save up to 50%.

Dentists in Greece are highly skilled and they can to help you with your teeth and oral health. Your teeth are in good hands when you come to Greece. Therefore, it seems to be quite logic to combine your vacation and dental care in one package!

About the author: Melisa Marzett who is working for Big Paper Writer – Custom Writing Services and loves traveling is always happy to find a chance to write for enthusiastic readers who happen to enjoy traveling as well. This time, you are lucky to come across an article based on her travelling experience to Greece where she happened to go through dental care she enjoyed very much.

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