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“I can’t express enough how happy I was with Klironomou Dental Clinic the customer service was outstanding and they went the extra mile in making sure that me and my brother were conferable. Dr. Klironomou is a great dentist, very charismatic and friendly and so great at what she does, me and my brother both got crowns fitted to close gaps between are two front teeth and I cannot express how amazing they look, as soon as I got back to London everybody noticed how much more appealing my teeth looked. It’s been a week and I’ve received so much good feedback on my teeth it’s almost overwhelming. Big thanks to all the staff especially Hara who was extremely helpful before and during our five days in Piraeus, great city, great dentist, I highly recommend anyone looking to get dental treatment that is affordable and by high standard dentists Klironomou Dental Clinic is the place!” Mark Hatson P., UK

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